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B-Tech (Computer Science)

Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional
Meta Certified Social Media Marketing Professional

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“Elevate your brand with digital marketing services that create online buzz even cats would envy. From SEO sorcery to social media magic, I’ve got the spells to make your business the talk of the digital town.”

Motion Graphics - Video Editing

Create compelling video content for marketing purposes. Produce promotional videos, tutorials & product demonstrations to capture audience attention.

Content Creation

I craft compelling, tailored content strategies to engage your audience and drive results. With engaging content, you'll have high retention rate and thus more brand visibility.

Digital Marketing

Develop and execute strategies to engage audiences, increase brand awareness, drive traffic and conversions. Create and curate content, manage posting schedules, and analyze performance metrics.

Website Dev/Mang.

Website audits, speed optimization, and mobile responsiveness - Build user-friendly and responsive websites, ensuring they are optimized for search engines and user experience.

Email Marketing

Boost your business with targeted email campaigns that engage and convert, driving growth and maximizing ROI. Email Warmup & Email Validation included.

Lead Generation

Elevate your business with my premium lead generation services. I deliver high-quality, ready-to-convert leads, accelerating your growth and maximizing your sales potential. Email Validation included.

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“Pricing tailored to your needs – I believe in fair rates that won’t break the bank, while ensuring you still get the golden key to top-notch service and results.” 💰









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“Clients are raving faster than a toddler on a sugar rush! They say our work is so good, it’s like having a unicorn as their marketing strategist. But hey, don’t take our word for it – check out their ecstatic testimonials!”

"Excellent work by Arpit and his team. I appreciated Arpit's constant communication throughout the process to ensure it was done with excellence."
Erin Kent (USA)
"Great communicator. All work requested was done promptly and to the required high standard. Very good !!"
Salvatore Buscemi (USA)
CEO & Co-founder
"Excellent work and very professional. We will definitely be hiring Arpit again."
Samantha Glass (Canada)

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“Choosing me means embracing innovation as your sidekick, and having a freelancer who’s more dedicated to your project than a detective to a mystery novel. With passion and pixels, I bring your visions to vibrant life.”

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"Crafting excellence, one pixel at a time." 🌟🔍


"Turning imagination into digital magic – that's my creative superpower!" 🎨✨

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"Project delays? Not on my watch! We're the time-traveling wizards of freelancing." ⏳🧙‍♂️

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"Support that never sleeps – we've got your back, day and night!" 🌙🌞

  • B-Tech (Computer Science)
  • Google Certified Digital Marketing Professional
  • Meta Certified Social Media Marketing Professional

Video Editing

Content Creation

Digital Marketing

Motion Graphics